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Real Name Date Of Birth Place Of Birth Height
Nicholas Bernard James Adam 9/10/78 Dublin 1.75m

Inside leg measurement: 30 1/2
Chest: 38-40
Shoe size: 7 1/2
Family: One sister and one brother
Color of eyes: Blue
School: Returned to Plunkit College after spending two years with Leeds Football Club
Likes: Football (especially Man U and Leeds because he used to be goalie in the junior team),
Best Class(es): English was easy and geography wasn't bad
Worst Class(es): I was never good at Maths
Fave Actor: Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt
Fave Actress: Cameron Diaz

Did you know? When Nicky joined the band he couldn't swim! His mum does all his washing He speaks nicely when Georgina's parents are around (lol - and when they're not?!!) Nicky reckons he could make a good racing driver He used to live with footballer Alan Smith when he was training at Leeds Utd. He broke his elbow at football training and still has a big scar He wears 'lucky socks' to gigs Nicky missed his first week of school, because he was in a road accident He hated maths at school He keeps a karaoke machine under his bed

He used to sing karaoke with his dad - who is also called Nicky - and who has a band called 'Nicky and the Studz' Nicky bought a car when he signed to Westlife, but sold it cos he was never home He once threw Bryan's boxer shorts out of a hotel window! He would like a pet dog, if he had time to look after one. He hates going to the gym Nicky loves dancing to 'Mickey' by Lolly He always carries photos of his family with him Nicky used to pray before every football match that he would play well, and it was him who started the Westlife tradition of praying and saying a Hail Mary before every concert! He's buying a BMW very soon!


Full Name Nick Name Date Of Birth Place Of Birth
Bryan Nicholas McFadden Macker 12th april 1980 Dublin

Inside Leg Measurement: 33
Chest: 41-42
Shoe size: 10
Likes: Music, Female and Spending money
Dislikes: School, Reading, Writing
Best class(es): English
Worst class(es): Irish
Previous Job: Bingo Caller, security at McDonald
Ideal Girl: Beautiful eyes, lips and hair
Fave Food: A fry from the Carlton Cafe in Sligo
Fave Sport(s): Soccer
Fave Football Team: Manchester United
Fave Actor: Leonardo DiCarpio
Fave Actress: Jennife Lopez
Fave one-liner: Howya Love!

Did you know? Brian's nicknamed called "Forgetful Spice" because he always forgets thing when someone tell him something. He says his first kisses wasn't till he was 17. Bryan was called Mr. Late because he always late for school. Mornings were so hard for him to woke up. Bryan hated school, but now misses it.

Bryan was sent home from school on his first day of school because he flicked an elastic band at teacher's head and when he got home, his mum found out. She slapped him round the head . He's scared of World War and of anything bad happening to his family. He hates rats. He loves prawn crackers.

He's the tallest member of Westlife He would really love to meet singing legend Stevie Wonder! Bryan plays piano and guitar His mum Mairead is a playschool teacher Bryan's mum still moans about the mess in his room! He used to have a job in a bingo hall He cried when Swear it Again went to number one!


Full Name Nick Name Date Of Birth Place Of Birth
Shane Steven Filan P.C. 5th July 1979 Sligo, Ireland

Height: 5ft 9
Chest : 38
Shoe size: 9
Family: Three brothers and three sisters (all older)
Likes: Shopping, Girls, Going out with his friends, Horses (his family have a lot to do with the world of horses) and singing
Dislikes: Insects and Snake, Rude People
Best Class(es): English, Maths
Worst Class(es): Science
Fave Food: Spaghetti and Pizza
Fave Soft Drink: Coca Cola

Did you know? Shane's nickname is "Country Spice" because of all horses that family owns. Shane family have 40 horses, they all have the first name Carlton after the family restaurant, Carlton Cafe. Shane's favorite is called Carlton Flight. Shane hates rats, tarantulas and all spiders.

Shane suffers from a knee injury he got 3 years ago from falling off a horse. He has to dance through routines with Westlife which makes the knee sore. He says "it's 90% better, it's not too bad!" The first time Shane rang Louis Walsh he was on the loo! He loves singing in the shower

The best place Shane says he's ever been to is Sydney, Australia He reckons his triceps are flabby! His favorite subject at school was English language One of his biggest ambitions is to meet Michael Jackson Shane is godfather to his nephew Killian He says his hands are his fave part of his body His fave colour is black If Shane wasn't in Westlife, he would be studying accountancy.

He belives in aliens Shane's fave smell is Hugo Boss He bought a Jeep for his 21st birthday!


Full Name Star Sign Date Of Birth Place Of Birth
Markus Michael Patrick Feehily Gemini 28th May 1980 Sligo, Ireland

Chest: 41
Shoe size: 9 1/2
Family: Two brothers
Colour of eyes: Blue
School: Summer Hill College
Likes: Chilling with his mates, Singing and Partying
Dislikes: Being tied down, Having too much on his plant, Narror-minded people and Smoking
Best Class(es): French and Home Economic
Worst Class(es): Irish and Woodwork
Fave Food: Steak and Clips
Fave Soft Drink: Fanta Lemon
Fave Sport(s): Football and Tennis
Fave Football team: Liverpool
Fave Actor: Eddie Murphy
Fave Actress: Lisa Kudrow

Did you know? His nickname is "Homesick Spice" because he always gets homesick when he leaves his family. Mark is really good at speaking Irish. He always keeps his toothbrush in a glass by the sink - and he goes mad if anyone moves it! He once had a job in a restaurant - he was paid £2.60 an hour - and used to have to clean the toilets as part of his job. But.....the worst job he ever had was in Burger King

Mark loves nothing more than slobbing on the couch at home and watching TV. He prefers a shower to a bath. He first went on stage in the school production 'Scrooged'. One of his biggest ambitions is to meet Michael Jackson Mark prays every night His fave subject at school was French language

According to the other lads, Mark is the biggest liar in the band! Nicky claims Mark often lies about his age when chatting up girls. His fave pizza topping is chicken, ham, mushroom and pineapple He has ambitions to write a full musical Mark cried on camera when the band suprised someone on Cilla's TV show 'Suprise Suprise'


Full Name Star Sign Date Of Birth Place Of Birth
Kian John Francis Egan Taurus 29th April 1980 Sligo, Ireland

Chest: 40
Shoe size: 8
Family: Three brothers and three sisters
Color of eyes: Blue
School: Summer Hill College
Hobbies: Snooker, Pitch and Putt
Likes: Performing on stage, Having a night out and being in Westlife
Dislikes: Sushi and Rude people
Best Class(es): Art
Worst Class(es): Maths
Fave Food: Steak and Chips
Fave Soft Drink: 7 UP
Fave Actor: Brad Pitt
Fave Actress: Cameron Diaz
Fave Male Singer: Brian Littrell
Fave Female Singer: Celine Dion
Rule of Life: "Treat everybody the same way you want to be treated"

Did you know? Kian's nickname is "Blondie Spice" because of his golden hair He worked as a kissogram before joining Westlife He's scared of horses! Kian's first band was called Scrod! He was paranoid for a while that his phone was tapped. He plays both piano and guitar, and has been known to play guitar on stage to 'More than Words'

He once splashed out £4,000 on a Rolex watch Kian says Nicky used to have a really dodgy hair do... Kian loves any clothes that have dragons on them - if you look closely when he's wearing his own clothes he'll often be wearing something with a dragon on it!


This Irish boy band, originally known as Westside, emerged in the late 90s as the highly successful protégés of Ronan Keating of Boyzone. The three founding members, Kian Egan (b. 29 April 1980, Sligo, Eire), Shane Filan (b. 5 July 1979, Sligo, Eire) and Mark Feehily (b. 28 May 1980, Sligo, Eire), came together in a local Sligo production of Grease. They formed IOU with three fellow actors after friends encouraged them to continue singing, and began performing cover versions in local clubs. A demo tape of a track written by Filan and Feehily, "Together Girl Forever", found its way to Boyzone manager Louis Walsh. Suitably impressed, Walsh hired them to support US boy band Backstreet Boys when they visited Dublin. A change of line-up ensued, with three of the original members making way for ex-soccer player Nicky Byrne (b. 9 October 1978, Dublin, Eire) and Bryan McFadden (b. 12 April 1980, Dublin, Eire). Keating became involved with the band as co-manager in April 1998. After a showcase appearance at London's Café de Paris in February 1999, the band changed their name to Westlife after learning of the existence of several American acts performing as Westside. Groomed as natural successors to Boyzone, the quintet's debut single "Swear It Again", was a highly predictable Irish and UK chart-topper in May. The follow-up, "If I Let You Go", repeated the feat when it entered the UK singles chart at number 1 in August. "Flying Without Wings" made it three number 1s in a row in October.

Their status as the most popular boy band of the moment was underlined when their lame double a-side, featuring cover versions of Abba's "I Have A Dream" and Terry Jacks' "Seasons In The Sun", topped the charts for four weeks over Christmas and the new year. They created UK chart history in April 2000 when "Fool Again" became their fifth number 1 single in a row. Later in the year, the group's duet with Mariah Carey on a cover version of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds", and "My Love", became their sixth and seventh number ones respectively. Both singles featured on Coast To Coast, a virtual rewrite of their debut album. Their Christmas single "What Makes A Man"/"My Girl" was pipped to the coveted number 1 slot by children television's character Bob The Builder.

Westlife bounced back to the top in March 2001 with their cover version of Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl", released for the Comic Relief charity. In November, the anodyne "Queen Of My Heart" earned the group their ninth chart-topper. The quintet notched up their tenth number 1 in February 2002 with "World Of Our Own". The catchy "Bop Bop Baby" was a notable failure, only reaching number 5 in May. Normal service was resumed in November, when "Unbreakable" debuted at number 1. In November 2003, Westlife topped the UK singles chart for the twelfth time with a remake of Barry Manilow's "Mandy". Turnaround repeated the feat on the album chart. In March 2004, McFadden announced he was leaving the band to spend more time with his family.

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